Marketing through Media Be Social with your Business

Social media for small business is the next step to being seen. You can decide to do a lot of things with your business on the web. Something as simple as add social media buttons to website. This allows you to plant the Facebook “Like”, the Tweet option, the post on Reddit, and any of the others out there directly onto your business page. The direct benefit with this marketing through social media is its ease of access. It allows the person visiting your page the one click option to spam their friends with your business.

If there is only one important thing to remember in business social media marketing, it is that the current generation of smart phone using, twenty year olds is lazy. If they have to take two extra steps to share your business site on Twitter, they will not. Not when they can Tweet about their latte. No, you need to make it instantly accessible with your small business social media.

Another thing to remember about social media for small business is that you are far more likely to get a negative review than a positive one. Even if you gave someone the best service of their life. Whether it was the best dinner they have ever eaten, the kindest bellhop in the history of hotels, or the quickest, cheapest oil change in the country, a customer will leave happy, but the buzz will fade in minutes. Then they will not remember to talk up your services to their friends list.

But, say the customer had a bad experience. Even a mild one. They had to wait a little bit longer than they should have for their soy mocha, no whip, light foam, extra pretension. They thought the sales person gave them an attitude when the sales person was just slightly flustered from being on her feet for the last eight hours straight. Or the oil change did not go so smooth and they needed an unexpected brake job. They will fume, and continue to stew, for hours after. And in our present day, they do not have to wait hours to get home to post a bad complaint. They only need to take out their smart phone for that scathing review.

It is absolutely crucial that small business owners remember how influential social media for small business can be. Even moreso in our present day technological age, the customer must be happy and receive the best service possible, or all it will take is one poor review on Yelp or facebook, one Tweet or Instagram of a poorly made sandwich, and then you might as well just throw in the towel, because the entire city of Cleveland just saw that post.